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Applying a vaccine hesitancy truth table

The federal government has “lost patience” with the unvaccinated because adults should only make their own decisions when those decisions align with what big brother thinks is best. Maybe the push springs from well-meaning but misplaced paternalism or maybe it’s just a naked political power play. …

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It Really Is A Red-State Problem. At least mostly.

Sometimes facts aren’t comfortable, but principled conservatives make decisions on data. The risk to the unvaccinated from Coronavirus is a thousand or more times greater than the risk from a vaccine. Vaccine hesitancy costs lives. One doesn’t even need numbers for the proof. Most Americans know someone who fell gravely…

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I’m going to make a gazillion dollars.

It was several years ago, I think we were at some sort of sporting event. Sitting in the bleachers, out of the blue, I turned to my college-aged daughters and dropped the bomb.

“I think I’m going to get one of those Instagrams so your mother and I can start…

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Rule by executive order isn’t as easy as it sounds.

It took six days after the inauguration for a judge to issue the first national injunctions against a Biden administration executive order. U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton, a Trump-appointee out of Texas, held up a Biden order pausing deportation. …

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And no, I’m not a New-Age nutter.

Over twenty years ago, when I first introduced my wife to my parents, my dad asked about her birthday. Then he narrowed his eyes. In his most sage, wise-man voice, he peered at my fiance and gave his verdict.

“Ah, an Aquarius. They’re known to be compulsive liars.”

My wife…

Cicero, photo by Author

Cicero, reluctant father figure.

I took my new wife and two new young daughters to the Humane Society for a kitten. They played with a cute black fuzzball in the meeting room, but he cried for his brother. Inevitably, we took home two tiny, fuzzy kittens, midnight black with white medallions on their chests…

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Will the lockdown states explode?

My 94-year-old mother can’t get the vaccine. At least a dozen residents at her facility have become infected and around half died. The facility she lives in was working in good faith to get on-site vaccination for their residents, but they couldn’t get it done. It turns out that an…

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I thought we had something special.

Cheap tacos from an indy competitor were my gateway item. Sitting at my desk as a high school senior, I watched the clock tick towards dismissal. When the bell came, I skipped my locker and sprinted for my car. …

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Whatever happened to…

For Star Trek fans, we’re living in a new age of glory. There are no less than four series in production: Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, and the recently announced Strange New Worlds which will feature Captain Christopher Pike’s Enterprise.

The new spate of series has no problems revisiting old situations…

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At least probably, mostly legit.

Detroit is an easy city for conservatives (and everyone else) to hate. It brings together all the negative urban stereotypes and makes them real in one place. Out of control crime plagues the city. The school system has been a slow-motion trainwreck for decades. …

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