Hi Chris! Thank you for reading and reading so intently. I do lean conservative, but the point of the article is more intended to be about the box that Democrats in general and Nancy Pelosi, in particular, find themselves in.

  • Yes, I recognize the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, sharecropping/serfdom, redlining, etc. Maybe I should have said, “ratcheted up the marginalization” instead? I think I fell in love with the word ‘Spearheaded.” Anyway, my article was more aimed at the crackdown on minority youth in the last thirty years stemming from our anti-crime frenzy of the ’90s. Republicans were cheerleaders and drove Clinton in that direction. Anyone who tries to reform (Notably, as I mentioned in the body of the article, the Holder DOJ) is painted as anti-police.
  • Yes, I believe many liberals make the case that the only reason someone would vote Republican is racism. Hammering Trump as a racist is a key electoral strategy.
  • I think I accurately portrayed Trump’s strategy of pointing to attempted outreach, the First Step Act, and economic improvement.
  • I am aware of the police reform bill and do hope that we see action, but it’s coming too late. However, more important is cultural change both in the police and in municipal administration, both in Democrat big cities and Republican suburbs and rural counties, but police misconduct in the big cities is the preponderance of the news. Police reform is complex. Here is a more nuanced analysis of what we need to do if you are interested.
  • Yes, there is a voluminous literature on the crime drop, but there is no clear, convincing consensus hypothesis, just ones that we each find more or less convincing. The important point, which I think you might agree with, is that stop-and-frisk is NOT the primary driver of the decrease. Might be a good story idea when I have time…
  • While I do have a perspective, if I was a complete partisan hack I wouldn’t have mentioned Willie Horton, Eric Holder’s efforts, Obama’s efforts, Rudy Guliani leading the crackdown in New York, the fact that Robert Byrd became a civil rights supporter or other details. Heck, I even said something positive in passing about Bill De Blasio and criticize stop-and-frisk as ineffective.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read and provide feedback,


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