Hi Jake! I really like your article, but I’ve got a couple of thoughts. I spent six months in Iraq in 2008…never left the FOB and relatively light on rocket attacks. Experiences can be vastly different depending on both the particular Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine and the particular circumstances under which they served. I suspect that most folks that go to the sandbox come home with some adjustment issues, but the vast majority of the 500K that have served in Iraq and Afghanistan come home and reintegrate into. Some folks, a substantial number, have experiences that they can’t get over, but I don’t think that long term 1/3 of us are on the ‘grueling and debilitating’ end of the spectrum. I bring this up because American media often uses a broad brush to paint returned service members as damaged. I once had my own daughter say “All those veterans shouldn’t be allowed to own guns because of their PTSD.” I had to remind her that I was an Iraq veteran and asked if she thought I was dangerous or unstable.

Again, though, thank you for the article and your obvious concern for a serious issue. I have had some of my troops that did suffer from serious PTSD, and want them to have every possible therapy available.

On another note, I remember some other research along those lines with drugs other than MDMA…I found this one

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