Your argument seems to be that it’s OK to steal from corporations because of the harm they do, but it’s still theft. Maybe the question is whether you really ‘needed’ thousands of dollars in AV equipment, whether you could have rented it for a couple days, or maybe supported a local pawnshop trying to survive a pandemic with a lot more sellers than buyers. Back when Napster was big, I had to explain to a friend that if I couldn’t afford to pay for my music, or it wasn’t important enough to me to pay for, them I would rather not listen than to the music than to steal it.

Sure, if we drive up the prices at Walmart, maybe a few more people will shop at the overpriced local clothes store selling locally sourced wool garments from free-range alpacas, but millions of Americans depend on Walmart to feed and clothe their families and live a decent life on their low wages (and don’t have the luxury to sabotage their employers).

I do a lot of things. Some of them I even do well. But what I really want to do is share ideas. Check or

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